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Covid-19 Bans ALL Cross-Border Travel in Russia

Border Travel in Russia shut down due to coronavirus

Covid-19 Bans ALL Cross-Border Travel in Russia when a Russian border guard officer checked the temperature of a truck driver at the Belarusian-Russian border. Automobile, railway, pedestrian and river checkpoints on the Russian border will go into lock-down on Monday in order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading across the country, the government has announced. Authorities said that the measure was “temporary,” but provided no indication as to when frontiers will re-open. The ban doesn’t apply to diplomats […]

North Carolina Coronavirus live Update

N. Carolina Coronavirus live Update

Live update of the 5 individuals who died from the coronavirus in North Carolina. A man in Rowan District that tested positive with regard to COVID-19 passed away from the condition, regional medical representatives announced Friday. The person was a very high risk “because of age as well as rooting health problems,” sources said. Likewise, on Friday, Johnston medical officers explained that a local in their 60s passed away early Thursday morning. The individual also […]

Physical Distancing Altering Funeral Arrangements

Funerals and social distancing

ONTARIO (Consortium News) – Physical distancing is definitely altering the manner people live their daily lives and even Altering Funeral Arrangements as we pay respects to those that passed away. Funeral chapels claim services and gatherings are being delayed, called off, or else live-streamed. ” We really wanted to feature a celebration of life, as well as have some sort of closure,” mentioned Jody Ried. For Ried, physical distancing obstructed the service program for her […]

Coronavirus: Poisonous Drugs, NO Liability for Pharma

Poisonous drugs with NO Liability for Pharma

We have this from the World Health Organization (WHO): “There is no medication to prevent or deal with coronavirus illness (COVID-19),” and NO Liability for Pharma. Nonetheless, physicians around the globe, frequently with the approval of their governments, are dealing with corporations that have speculative or “off-label” antiviral drugs. Here are some names of the medications: Chloroquine, Remdesivir, Ribavirin, favipiravir, lopinavir; ritonavir, hydroxychloroquine, Sofosbuvir, corticosteroids, oseltamivir, zanamivir. They all have negative results. From, March […]

Did Trump Cross Another line with the Coronavirus?

Trump and the Coronavirus?

Did President Donald Trump cross another line? The man wanted to turn the economy on by Easter. He said that the cure that’s (locking down the nation) is not supposed to bigger than the actual illness. Obviously, the networks restored their blessed pledges of vengeance against him.  The CDC wants you to NEVER EVER question: how they found this covid-19 virus; the way they do analysis/assessments of the virus; the case figures; the need for […]

How is Walt Disney handling the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus being reduced at Walt Disney

According to a spokesperson at Walt Disney World regarding the coronavirus outbreak, they claim to have higher criteria in place regarding clean-up and hygiene, in addition to elevated health and security procedures, like: Coaching Cast People/members regularly Regular clean-up and sanitation of targeted locations Effortless accessibility to hand-washing areas as well as hand sanitizers Speedy reaction to spills, rubbish, and various other problems End-of-day cleanliness techniques when it comes to the washroom, kitchen area and […]

What do Crocs and the Coronavirus share?

Crocks for Healthcare people

In the middle of the coronavirus emergency, Crocs revealed a brand new campaign, named “A Free Pair for Healthcare.” As a result of the program, U.S. based health-care employees are going to receive a totally free pair of footwear at as long as products last. The clog manufacturer explained that it is “operating/working as hard as can be in order to serve as many health workers as possible. ” However, no overall contribution quantity […]

2.5 Million People In Minnesota in Danger of Catching the Coronavirus

Minnesota in Danger of Catching the Coronavirus

As many as 2.5 million people in Minnesota are now in danger of catching the deadly Coronavirus, basing on illnesses models carried out through region and educational medical specialists. The stay-at-home request/order given by Tim Walz Wednesday will not automatically reduce the number of contamination. However, analysts claimed the top of the pandemic might be driven back by a number of weeks, safeguarding healthcare resources since Minnesota seems to have a hard time to obtain […]

Coronavirus Infects Prince Charles

Coronavirus latched on to Prince Charles

Prince Charles, now 71 and heir to the throne, tested positive of the coronavirus, however, he remains in great physical health and is self-isolating in Scotland, according to sources. Charles, the oldest child of Queen Elizabeth, is showing what Clarence House claimed were signs of the covid-19 virus, insiders at the royal castle say that he is healthy and even has started working from his residence at Balmoral in Scotland. His spouse, Camilla, checked out […]

CoronaVirus Rules Don’t apply to Government Officials

Government Officials Breaking Coronavirus Rules

The State Dept suggested against all global travel due to the coronavirus, however that failed to stop Mike Pompeo from traveling to Afghanistan recently. Health clubs throughout the country’s capital are definitely shuttered, however, Sen. Rand Paul got in a workout at the Senate on Sunday early morning as he waited for the outcomes of a coronavirus exam. It returned positive. The advice and practice of shaking hands? Seems that this rule does not apply […]

Iran and internal politics regarding coronavirus

Ccoronavirus, Iran and its Internal Politics

IRAN – (Consortium News) – The moment the coronavirus was uncovered inside Iran, the government’s initial internal statements had absolutely nothing to do with medical protocols, but everything to do with internal politics. They passed on jail sentences amounting to 58 yrs for 8 of the nation’s popular environmental researchers, every one of them is a registered member of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Fund (PWHF). The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or (IRGC) apprehended the PWHF […]

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