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Israel would never give Arabs back one inch of land

Arabs loosing more land as Israel builds new units in West bank

Israel said that “We must continue the settlement organization in order to reach our main objective.” He managed to add: The Settlement was one of Zionism’s poles, and we need to grow and keep going with it. Israel Hayom, in the meantime, has revealed that the Israeli Preparation and Development Council is expected to authorize 1,900 new building units in the West Bank. “This is Minister of defense Naftali Bennett’s ruling” verified the journal. “The […]

Governments Try to Force a Wedge Between Russia and Ukraine

Who is trying to place a wedge between Ukraine and Russia?

Attempts of some foreign governments to force a wedge between Russia and Ukraine makes perfect sense, as the synergies starting to come from continuing to work together may be of amazing mutual advantage, Vladimir Putin said. Russia and Ukraine share similar origins and enormous potential for mutual gain from collective efforts, so it is no shock that hostile parties placed so many resources in stopping any normalization of relations, the Russian President said during an […]

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Fires back at International Media

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Attacks International Media

Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Critisied international media, saying they have done their utmost in “discourage” Iranians from voting in parliament elections this Friday. “The scaremongering started several months ago and went closer to the polls,” declared the Supreme Leader on Sunday. “During the last couple days their media haven’t yet skipped the slightest opportunity to deter citizens from voting,” he added, noting the risk of the coronavirus. Iran has just reported eighth death this Sunday […]

US Not Content With Accusing Russia Of Election Meddling

Who is behind the Election Meddling

Not content with just accusing Russia of election meddling, U.S. officials also say that Moscow is attempting to “sow discord” through spreading disinformation about the coronavirus and the position of the U.S. in developing and reacting internationally. Officials at the US State Department said that Russia is behind an online campaign to blame the United States government for coronavirus. Without citing specific examples, sources told Middle East headlines news team that the foreign government uses “false personas” to […]

New Immigration Plan for Brexit

A fresh migration Plan for Brexit

The British Interior Ministry has introduced a New Immigration Plan for Brexit. It’ll only allow highly qualified immigrants to receive Work Visas. It is an insane decision and hard to comment on, suggests Dariusz Zeller, deputy director of Cooltura, a Polish newspaper published in London. The new visa legislation will come into effect in January 2021, restricting immigrants ‘ of free movement within the land and enhance or boost passport controls at the borders and flight […]

Michael Bloomberg Thinks Bernie Sanders Acting Like Trump

Is Sanders Acting Like Donald Trump?

Is Bernie Sanders Acting Like Trump? – Michael Bloomberg on Friday claimed that the “Trump-like language” of rival Bernie Sanders inspired supporters to vandalize one of the campaign headquarters in Tennessee and elsewhere in the country. The campaign said Thursday night, Vandals spray-painted using the word “oligarch” at the doors of Bloomberg’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee. “We do not really know who was responsible for this property damage, however, we do know that the Sanders […]

Russia Rejects Intervention in 2020 Presidential Race

The 2020 Presidential Race

Russia Rejects Intervention in 2020 Presidential race to Support Trump, the Kremlin denied that it was intervening with the presidential campaign to improve Republican President Donald Trump’s chances of getting reelected. U.S. intelligence sources cautioned the House of Representatives last week about the danger of the election. Behind a closed-door meeting the other week, U.S. security officials told members of the House that Russia was once again involved in US politics even before the November […]

Coronavirus Afflicts Many Across China

Coronavirus continues to cause hayrick in China

The Coronavirus afflicts many across China, officials said Friday, that they seen a rise in reported cases beyond the Hubei province’s epic-enter, included Hundreds more in South Korea. The 234 inmate cases outside Hubei completed 17 straight days of reduction in recent mainland infections excluding that province, where the strain initially appeared in the now closed-down capital of Wuhan back in December, source claimed. However, State media reported that officials of the Communist government were […]

Tolerance is Wearing Thin with Indigenous-led Railway Blockades

Indigenous-led Railway Blockades

PM Justin Trudeau met late on Thursday with provincial premiers and expressed disappointment at Ottawa’s approach to the continuing Indigenous-led railway blockades. Talking to CBC News, provincial sources said some Premiers notified Trudeau that “patience is wearing thin” within provincial communities. The demonstrations have continued for several weeks and also have effectively pushed 1,500 rail workers out of jobs. Several Premiers even raised concerns about the rise of counter-protests that emerged on the locations of […]

The Political Spectrum Have Little Faith

Little Faith in the Political Spectrum

US voters across the political spectrum have little faith in the fairness of the method of nominating a candidate from either party, but Democrats are particularly likely to have reservations about the mechanism of their own party. 41 percent of Democratic voters say they have a lot or quite a bit of confidence in the nomination process of the Democratic Party, while 34 percent have moderate trust and 25 percent have little or no faith. […]

The sanctions that the U.S. put on Iran’s Constitutional Guardians 

The Iran's Constitutional Guardians 

The sanctions that the U.S. put on Iran’s Constitutional Guardians Council reflect the weakness of its maximum pressure  strategy against Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister spokesman Abas Musaví said. “These measures are nothing more than the failure and defeat of the U.S. maximum pressure strategy,” Musaví said in  a statement published by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on its application page for telegram messaging. In the spokesman’s view, the United States ‘ punitive measures against  83 million Iranians, economic terrorism did not  yield any results, while the inclusion of the Guardians Council of  the Constitution of Iran in the list of sanctions for several citizens has a  “desperate” quality. Musavi has suggested that Washington renounce the “language of sanctions” in relations with Iran, which he claims are “nuts” and “do not make sense.

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