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Israel’s Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR

Israel threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR

Israel (Consortium News) –  Netanyahu threatens Gaza – If missile strikes persist, Israel will stop at nothing to ensure its security, and if regional opposition forces start missile strikes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, he would initiate a massive military operation against Gaza. On Monday, a second straight day, air raid sirens were heard across southern Israel. The IDF said that 50 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli territory, with 90 percent of them […]

The Trump Administration Plan for Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine Peace Plan

The Trump administration plan for Israel and Palestine places Jordan in a real tough position. Having less space to navigate as the White House presses to get a “remedy” to end this dispute which supports Israel’s actions without securing any type of legal rights for Palestinians. Administrators within Amman view American and Israeli regulations as long-lasting drivers of unpredictability within the Hashemite Empire. Numerous Arab regions are a lot less confident regarding the normalization of […]

Clothing advertisement triggers fury over depiction of Muslims

Bar Refaeli’s brand new clothing advertisement has certainly triggered fury over its depiction of Muslims.  It features an Israeli supermodel removing a niqab, and even suggesting there is “zero freedom within Iran”. Images of Rafaeli donning the Islamic head-cover turned up in magazines and newspapers and even on advertising boards all over Israel this holiday weekend, all displaying the phrases, ” Iran is here?” Monday, the advertisement was revealed on TV & many social networks. […]

Palestine Liberation Organization postpones acknowledgment of Israel

Palestine Liberation Organization publicized to put on hold its own acknowledgment regarding Israel up until they recognize a state of Palestine built upon prior to 1967 boundaries with Eastern Jerusalem as its own capital. Israeli Warplanes Attack Gaza Strip Basing on Palestine’s recognized news organization, Central Authorities shortly after two-day conference within Ramallah stated PLO and Palestinian Government are going to likewise stop security synchronization and even put on hold economical arrangements as laid out […]

Iran cautions of danger from Israel nuclear arsenal

The minister of foreign affairs of Iran cautions of what great danger the nuclear collection from the regime of Israel represents for peace & security within the territory. Iranian Foreign Secretary Mohamad Yavad Zarif has denied the unproven allegations from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, opposing Iran’s atomic power system, and emphasised that this kind of restarted claims from Israeli powers have been rejected on numerous times with World-wide Security Organization. Reasons why they dream […]

Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Starting A War

The head from the Islamic Resistance Movement from Lebanon (Hezbollah) cautions Israel about the repercussions it will encounter in the event that it launches any type of war within the territory. ” Israel understands that the Axis of Resistance is presently stronger than ever before and likewise knows that starting any type of war within the region are going to have enormous repercussions. He knows well that his weak points have been exposed, “mentioned Seyed […]

Israel blocks supply of fuel to Gaza

Israel again blocked the supply of gasoline in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in response to the launching of incendiary kitesfrom a Palestinian enclave, a decision that may provoke new confrontations.  The Israeli Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, announced this measure that will accentuate the blockade to which the Gaza Strip has been subjected for more than ten years, which suffers from habitual power cuts, especially in hospitals which puts life at risk of the […]