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World Food Program Cuts Aid To Palestinians

The World Food Program (WFP) publicized on Wednesday cuts with food aid to Palestinians impacting 190,000 poverty-stricken people inside Gaza and the West Bank – fifty percent of its beneficiaries there, pointing out a serious funding deficiency. The U.N. organization explained it will as of Jan. 1st, put on hold food support to 27,000 individuals within the West Bank. Additionally, food assistance to 165,000 individuals inside the Israeli-occupied region and also in the Gaza Strip […]

Israeli Military Killed 187 Palestinians Since March

Israeli military has already killed at the very least 187 Palestinians since demonstration initiative commenced in late March. Israeli military shot dead a Palestinian male and even injured dozens of other folks Monday, as these people took part in a March of Return protest within the Gaza Strip, health and wellness authorities inside the beleaguered coastal territory confirmed. Israeli Regime Represents A Substantial Danger To Syria UK criticizes Israeli brand-new settlement plan for West Bank […]

Israeli army restraint 14 Palestinians in the West Bank urban areas

Israeli troopers have apprehended 14 Palestinians within numerous West Bank towns. An announcement from the Palestinian Prisoners Community mentioned that at this moment, the Israeli military charged or stormed the urban areas and apprehended the residents, saying that these individuals are wanted by Israeli authorities.  No further explanation was given. Israel blocks supply of fuel to Gaza UK criticizes Israeli brand-new settlement plan for West Bank