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Coronavirus Continues to Escalate

Coronavirus Continues taking lives with no end in sight

Given that the¬†coronavirus continues to escalate, individuals that have already been identified with the infection or those at risk of getting COVID-19 have been asked to stay in seclusion. Medical professionals or health experts might ask people that have been subjected to the illness or a person that actually has it, to continue being in free-willed detention for at least a couple of weeks, USA Today explained. Assuming that they live in a home or […]

Israel’s Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR

Israel threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR

Israel (Consortium News) –¬† Netanyahu threatens Gaza – If missile strikes persist, Israel will stop at nothing to ensure its security, and if regional opposition forces start missile strikes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, he would initiate a massive military operation against Gaza. On Monday, a second straight day, air raid sirens were heard across southern Israel. The IDF said that 50 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli territory, with 90 percent of them […]

The State of Affairs in Syria

Update on The state of affairs in Syria

SYRIA (Consortium News) – Sergey Lavrov commented on the state of affairs in Syria, he stated that the Russian and Turkish armed forces will keep long-term contact regarding what’s happening within the Syrian district of Idlib. ” The army of Russia and Turkey, that still remain in Syria throughout the Idlib region, preserve the long-lasting relationships and even analyze any changes that take place,” mentioned Lavrov. The minister of foreign affairs explained that there is […]

Arab League Plan to Solve The Palestinian Israeli Conflict

New Plan to Solve The Palestinian Israeli Conflict

WASHINGTON (Consortium News) – Donald Trump’s plan to solve the Palestinian Israeli conflict could be switched out by a peaceful resolution offered by the Arab Country, basing on specialists interviewed. Trump provided on January 28th the supposed ‘agreement of the century’ in order to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Readied through the United States Government, the strategy considers the shared acknowledgment of the States of Israel and Palestine plus an “indivisible” capital for Israel, Jerusalem. With […]

Rail Blockades in Canada Forced CN Rail to Close

Indian Nation Rail Blockades in Canada

British Colombia (Consortium News) – PM Justin Trudeau points out that the rule of law needs to be followed when rail blockades in Canada forced CN Rail to close the whole system in east Canada and Via Rail had to cancel trains throughout the nation. CN Railroad acquired subpoenas in optimisms of stopping the blockades, mentioned that they may gradually shut down its own operations within far eastern Canada “till the unlawful blockades finish.” The […]

Maduro Files Complaint to the International Criminal Court

Maduro Files Complaint to the International Criminal Court

Venezuela (Consortium News) –¬† President Nicolas Maduro said that the complaint his Government filed in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the United States seeks the cessation of aggression and blockade of that nation to this South American country. “We firmly and categorically denounce, before the International Criminal Court, the US Government for its crimes against humanity against the Venezuelan people who have the right to peace and self-determination, enough of such aggression and blockade! […]

Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper Between US Troops and Syria Civilians

Russia Acting as Peacekeeper Between US and Syria

The Middle East (Consortium News) – The Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper between US Army and Syrian Civilians by preventing the acceleration of conflict among troops and civilians in the district of Al Hasaka in northeastern Syria, stated the head of the Russian Hub for Reconciliation, Yuri Borenkov. On February 12th in the early morning, an American armed forces convoy redirected from its path and killed a 14-year-old kid and also injured another man by […]

British Airways Boeing 747 Set New Flight Record

A 747 sets new world-speed record

LONDON (Consortium News) – A British Airways Boeing 747 set a new transatlantic flight speed record for a subsonic air-plane, the Flight radar company that keeps track of air traffic confirmed. British Airways flight BA112 covered a range of 5,554 kilometers between The big apple and The city of London in just 4 hrs & 56 mins. The typical time for this particular trip is actually 6 hrs & 13 mins. The aircraft got to […]

Kremlin Challenges US Threats to Impose New Sanctions

The US Threats to Impose More Sanctions

RUSSIA (Consortium News) – The Kremlin challenges US threats to impose new sanctions on numerous Russian service providers for their collaboration with the State and the federal government of Venezuela in the crude oil industry. ” We categorize this specific method as harmful, we think that a large number of nations suffer as a result of this practice, we think of it as contrary to international regulation,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov informed press reporters when […]

Israel Attacks Syria – Video

Video clip when Israel Attacks Syria

Israel Attacks Syria – Syria’s anti-aircraft defense systems fended off rocket assaults by Israel in Damascus and also the southern territories. The Sana news agency has released a video of such strikes. Within the video, the blasts of rockets in the evening sky could be observed and heard. The majority of shells were counteracted just before they reach their targets, basing on the report. A newscaster disclosed that Israeli hostility was executed many times out […]

Coronavirus Affects Crude Oil In China

Crude Oil In China vs Coronavirus

The necessity for crude oil in China has been decreased by 20%. This pattern has impacted the international oil industry given that the Oriental nation is the biggest foreign buyer of hydrocarbons on the planet. Chinese bureaucratic analyst Huang Xiaoyong pointed out to Middle east headlines Consortium news correspondent the reasons that could possibly press China to take in much less crude oil. Up until just recently, China has taken in around 14 million barrels […]