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The ‘Deep State’ preps Trump for War with Iran

The 'Deep State' preps Trump for War with Iran

Donald Trump disregarded his Security consultant, John Bolton, regarding his suggestions that a War with Iran stays alive. On September 14th, Mike Pompeo implicated Iran of being responsible for the latest strikes against Saudi Aramco camps. Even though Iran flatly refuted it engagement or participation in Saudi Arabian missile strikes, the legislator for Northern Carolina as well as one from the Republican team, Lindsey Graham, suggested in a collection of tweets that “the moment has […]

Netanyahu Cautions that War may Erupt at any Moment in Gaza

Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned, when he came back from a short trip to Russia, that war facing Palestinian organizations within Gaza may erupt “at any moment.” ” An operation within Gaza might happen at any moment, maybe even days prior to the political elections. The vote-casting date does not take into consideration [a decision regarding the war],” pointed out Netanyahu. On September 17th, the Israelis go back to the polls, since the leader could […]

The US is Not Prepared for a War Against Russia

The USA is not prepared for a war against the Russian Federation, a couple of sources from the United States Department of Defense have pointed out Friday. ” Many within armed forces circles strongly believe that after 15 years battling terrorism, ground soldiers are ill-prepared to sustain the logistics or even the high caliber of Russian soldiers in the event Russia strikes NATO allies,” the sources claimed. These particular sources, that requested to stay confidential, […]

Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Starting A War

The head from the Islamic Resistance Movement from Lebanon (Hezbollah) cautions Israel about the repercussions it will encounter in the event that it launches any type of war within the territory. ” Israel understands that the Axis of Resistance is presently stronger than ever before and likewise knows that starting any type of war within the region are going to have enormous repercussions. He knows well that his weak points have been exposed, “mentioned Seyed […]