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Russia Protests Illegal US Military Presence in Syria

The Russian International Bureau said it is not in the best interest of anyone if the United States attempts to perpetuate the illegal US military presence in Northeastern Syria near oil areas.  ” Any type of response with which the United States attempts to reinforce its own illegal military presence is contradicted, for our viewpoint, with intercontinental regulation and is inadmissible,” Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin told press reporters. Turkish news organization Anadolu […]

US carry out military activity with rebels inside southern Syria

A Syrian rebel commanding officer pointed out on Thursday that unusual armed forces exercises by United States Military in southern Syria sent out a powerful message to Russia &  Iran. That the “Americans with the revolutionists plan to stick around & deal with any type of dangers to their presence”, sources say. Colonel Muhanad al-Talaa, commanding officer from the Pentagon-backed Maghawir al-Thawra, informed News people of the 8 days of exercises which finished recently within […]