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Terrorists Tried to Detonate Munitions

Terrorists Try to destroy Chemical containers

News In The Middle East – A band of terrorists tried to detonate munitions containing poisonous compounds within the Syrian city of Idlib, the press in Syria disclosed. “On March 2nd, to avoid the advancement of Syrian government forces in the urban area of Saraqib, a team of 15 terrorists made an effort to detonate a number of containers filled with hazardous compounds,” the note claims. The reports stated that “there is proof of a […]

Syria Fights Back Against Terrorists

Terrorists run scared as Syria Fights Back

Syria Fights Back (Consortium News) – Moscow says the Syrian people have the right to protect themselves against terrorists, Russian spokesperson pointed out that Russia cannot interfere. Moscow and its Army are in no position whatsoever to put a hold on Syrians that the UN Council endorsed, allowing Damascus the right to fight back against attacks by any terrorist groups and organizations. Most recently, a Syrian airstrike took the lives of 33 soldiers that were […]

The State of Affairs in Syria

Update on The state of affairs in Syria

SYRIA (Consortium News) – Sergey Lavrov commented on the state of affairs in Syria, he stated that the Russian and Turkish armed forces will keep long-term contact regarding what’s happening within the Syrian district of Idlib. ” The army of Russia and Turkey, that still remain in Syria throughout the Idlib region, preserve the long-lasting relationships and even analyze any changes that take place,” mentioned Lavrov. The minister of foreign affairs explained that there is […]

Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria

Erdogan vs Syria

Middle East (Consortium News) – Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria and cautions that the Syrian authorities will pay “a higher price” for attacking the Turkish soldiers. On February 10th, the regime’s troops were given a strong reaction, however, that was definitely insufficient, according to Erdogan. “There will definitely be a continuance. They are going to pay a very high price. Tomorrow [February 12th] inside the Legislative Assembly, I will report on the upcoming actions,”. said […]

Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria

More Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria and Begin building up Troops

Masses of Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria using a convoy of motor trucks packed with soldiers collecting in the region, Anadolu press declared. ” A convoy with 150 vehicles packed with special forces, hardware, and even ammo made it to the Reyhanli, the Turkish territory of Hatay on the borderline with Syria, from this spot it is going to depart for Syria,” the press reported. This February 7th, Colonel Olcay Denizer, spokesperson for the […]

Israel Attacks Syria – Video

Video clip when Israel Attacks Syria

Israel Attacks Syria – Syria’s anti-aircraft defense systems fended off rocket assaults by Israel in Damascus and also the southern territories. The Sana news agency has released a video of such strikes. Within the video, the blasts of rockets in the evening sky could be observed and heard. The majority of shells were counteracted just before they reach their targets, basing on the report. A newscaster disclosed that Israeli hostility was executed many times out […]

Erdogan Gave Syria a Deadline

Turkish leader Erdogan Gave Syria a Deadline or WAR

Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Syria a deadline up until the end of February to pull out from Turkish monitoring posts within Idlib following the event on February 3rd. ” In the event that the [Syrian] government military do not pull back during February from both Turkish monitoring posts inside Idlib, we are going to do whatever it takes (…) Our soldiers are going to begin operation in case required,” Erdogan claimed when appearing […]

Russia Protests Illegal US Military Presence in Syria

The Russian International Bureau said it is not in the best interest of anyone if the United States attempts to perpetuate the illegal US military presence in Northeastern Syria near oil areas.  ” Any type of response with which the United States attempts to reinforce its own illegal military presence is contradicted, for our viewpoint, with intercontinental regulation and is inadmissible,” Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin told press reporters. Turkish news organization Anadolu […]

Turkey ready to start a military offensive in Syria if the agreement with the US fails

Turkish Tanks invade Syria

Turkey is prepared to return to its military offensive in Syria in the event that the United States does not meet its obligation to ensure the extraction of Kurdish troops, pointed out Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “If the pledges or guarantees of the United States are not met, we are going to continue the operation within Syria using even greater force,” the Turkish leader informed Middle East Headlines News team, prior to departing for […]

United States Army Flee Kobani As Syrian Troops Moved In

The United States Army Flee Kobani as the Syrian troops moved in to defend against the Turkish aggression. It was a glaring spectacle as the two armies exchanged glances as they drove past each other on the M4 highway to Kobani. At last, the US army had fallen victims to their own handiwork. There were reports that the US army had come under heavy shelling from the Turkish army. This is considering that the United […]

Pompeo and Pence on Mission to stop the Turkish Invasion of Syria

Mike Pompeo has become the latest official to join Mike Pence on a trip to Turkey to broker a peace deal and stop the Turkish invasion of Syria. Robert O’Brien, the national security adviser will also accompany the duo. The delegation will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the hope of reversing the Turkish invasion that has already caused the displacement of over 160,000 civilians from the Syrian Northern border with Turkey. The […]

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