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The sanctions that the U.S. put on Iran’s Constitutional Guardians 

The Iran's Constitutional Guardians 

The sanctions that the U.S. put on Iran’s Constitutional Guardians Council reflect the weakness of its maximum pressure  strategy against Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister spokesman Abas Musaví said. “These measures are nothing more than the failure and defeat of the U.S. maximum pressure strategy,” Musaví said in  a statement published by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on its application page for telegram messaging. In the spokesman’s view, the United States ‘ punitive measures against  83 million Iranians, economic terrorism did not  yield any results, while the inclusion of the Guardians Council of  the Constitution of Iran in the list of sanctions for several citizens has a  “desperate” quality. Musavi has suggested that Washington renounce the “language of sanctions” in relations with Iran, which he claims are “nuts” and “do not make sense.

Trump’s Sanctions Cripple Venezuela

Massive Sanctions Cripple Venezuela

Here is how trump’s Sanctions Cripple Venezuela – The new sanctions imposed by the United States with the aim of overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro were the subject of debate on Wednesday throughout the Venezuelan territory, including the Caracas bus terminal. Residents and the drivers in Venezuela say that the actions of US President Trump put them in a position that they can not cover their expenses anymore. Some blamed the sanctions on Maduro, others, such […]

Commercial Tariffs and Sanctions on Spanish Companies

Commercial Tariffs and Sanctions on Spanish Take a New Turn

The Spanish Authorities cautioned the United States that commercial tariffs and sanctions on Spanish companies will come with repercussions in armed forces collaboration. This was made public by the international Defense administrator, Arancha Gonzalez Laya and also Margarita Robles the emissary of the US to Spain, Duke Buchan, during the course of a conference, in February 7th by local Spanish newspapers. This was the first contact with the Administrative agency of Foreign Relations and the […]

Russia Rejected New US Sanctions Against Cuba

Sanctions Against Cuba Are Rejected By Russia

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov rejected new US sanctions against Cuba, emphasizing that they reveal Washington’s failure to crack the will of Cuba. ” We think that the fostering of brand-new limiting actions reveals Washington’s lack of ability to bend the will of people of Cuba, to enforce their viewpoint and even their values,” claimed the top Russian diplomat within an interview with the Prensa Latina organization. Lavrov mentioned that “the mind-boggling bulk […]

Tensions Escalate between Trump and Iran

Trump and Iran Tensions build

Tensions have progressively intensified between Trump and Iran ever since he pulled Washington out from Tehran’s nuclear arrangement/agreement with global powers back in 2018, and reintroduced sanctions. The dead heat ruptured right into tit-for-tat armed assaults on each other this calendar month. “On behalf of all the people of Kerman district, we are going to pay out a $3 million dollar cash reward to anyone who kills Donald Trump,” legislator Ahmad Hamzeh informed the 290-seat […]

Trump hits Iran with more Sanctions

On Wednesday, Donald Trump hits Iran with more sanctions that target numerous transport companies as it continues its “optimal pressure project” versus the Islamic Republic over its ballistic and nuclear rocket programs. The sanctions target Iran’s state shipping line and a China-based business that has actually been associated or suspected of providing rocket parts to Iran. They likewise include a layer of brand-new charges to a formerly approved Iranian airline company, Mahan Air, which is […]

China to Enforce Sanctions on United States Companies

China threatens to impose sanctions for United States companies associated with profit regarding the sale of arms to Taiwan, claimed Chinese International Administrative agency spokesman Geng Shuang. ” To ensure the interests of the country, China is going to establish sanctions against the United States companies associated with arms sales to Taiwan,” Geng was quoted as saying within an announcement published in the company’s web page. Trump welcomes Kim Jong-un for a conference in order […]

United States Sanctions put on Venezuela and Cuba

Russia claimed that it’s illegal, the new United States sanctions put on Venezuela, Cuba and also highlights their back up with regard to these Caribbean countries and allies. ” [The United States objective is simply] to make a change within the bureaucratic control of these particular regions that they need to have, “Russian Deputy Foreign Secretary Sergey Riabkov claimed at a press conference released Thursday through the regional news media the RIA Novosti. Safety And […]

Help Arrives for those Impacted by the Floods in Iran

Over recent weeks, residents, as well as various bodies within Iran, have already provided time and efforts to help people impacted by the Floods in Iran. The unmatched floodings have indeed altered everyday life regarding Iranians within 21 of the 31 districts of the Persian nation, that has compelled all types of organizations to provide assistance for sufferers. Lorestán is among these territories, to which a minimum of 30,000 fundamental food bundles has been sent […]

United States Inflicts Unrelenting Pressure on Iran

Given that the United States vowed to deliver “unrelenting pressure” on Iran using sanctions, experts have recently questioned Tehran’s capability to endure more blows to it’s current incapacitated economic situation. Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour, Iran’s deputy minister of foreign affairs & emissary to the UK, recently insisted the the nation was very well capable to “handle” sanctions, having already survived 8 years of constraints in the course of the Iran-Iraq conflict. Syria demands United States, […]

AMERICAN President Renews 2015 Sanctions On Iran

The United state of America has actually publicized that it is reinstating all of the sanctions upon Iran that were suspended under the 2015 nuclear agreement. The move arrived 6 months after Donald Trump’s news of dropping out from the eight-party agreement executed through Barack Obama with the objective of restricting Iran’s atomic program. Sanctions against Iran: Trump warns countries NOT to do business with the Persian country The White House stated, that it will […]

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