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Russia Protests Illegal US Military Presence in Syria

The Russian International Bureau said it is not in the best interest of anyone if the United States attempts to perpetuate the illegal US military presence in Northeastern Syria near oil areas.  ” Any type of response with which the United States attempts to reinforce its own illegal military presence is contradicted, for our viewpoint, with intercontinental regulation and is inadmissible,” Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin told press reporters. Turkish news organization Anadolu […]

Visiting the first McDonald’s Restaurant in Russia

MacDonald's in Russia was a step up from the American one

Middle East Headlines News reporter Chris Wick, went to the very first McDonald’s restaurant which opened inside Russia on January 31st, 1990. At the time of walking into the facilities, our staff discovered immediately just how roomy and even well-maintained the location was. Say, Farewell to your Big Mac in Europe Over 20 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge “I did not observe any type of trash on the floor surface or even […]

Russia Launches Powerful Communications Satellite

Russia Launches Powerful Communications Satellite

One of the most powerful communications satellite out of the Russia orbital category, the Yamal-601, that was plagued with a complication with an engine back in June, started to run, the Gazprom Sistemas Espaciales revealed. The Yamal 601 was released during May 30th with the aid of the Proton-M carrier spacecraft and also the Briz-M accelerator block, directly from the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan). Roscosmos: the Angara-A5 rockets are going to replace the Proton-M by 2025. […]

Bolivian leader Evo Morales said: Trump, and his administration are Wrong

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, and his administration are wrong to think they own the world, said Bolivian leader Evo Morales in an interview with Sputnik. “They think that they are the owners of the world, they are wrong, they think they are the ones who are going to send the world, they are wrong, they think that all the countries of the world are their colonies, they are totally wrong,” he […]

The US is Not Prepared for a War Against Russia

The USA is not prepared for a war against the Russian Federation, a couple of sources from the United States Department of Defense have pointed out Friday. ” Many within armed forces circles strongly believe that after 15 years battling terrorism, ground soldiers are ill-prepared to sustain the logistics or even the high caliber of Russian soldiers in the event Russia strikes NATO allies,” the sources claimed. These particular sources, that requested to stay confidential, […]

UNITED STATE indicts numerous Russians for hacking nuclear company

The United state of america has indicted 7 Russian intelligence officials for conspiring of hacking nuclear company , computer systems and even steal data. The United States justice unit explained that the targets consisted of global chemical weapons watchdog, anti-doping companies and even a United States nuclear plant. Russia previously rejected the accusations as “Traditional western spy mania”.

Russia starts war games close to border of China

Russia starts it’s massive war games close to the border of China with over 300,000 troops and growing. Russia has already begun largest war games Vostok-2018 right now near to the border with China ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. Three hundred thousand soldiers are actually taking part in the war games which are going to incorporate joint drills together with the Chinese military.

Trump sends caution to Syria, Russia, Iran over ‘reckless’ attack on Idlib

United States Leader Donald Trump informed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as well as his allies Iran & Russia not to strike Syria’s rebel-held Idlib territory as thousands of men and women might be killed. Trump published in his weapon of choice “twitter” update, explained that the Russians & Iranians will be making a serious humanitarian blunder to participate in this probable human calamity. At The Same Time, Iranian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif […]

Russia claims US spy initiatives reveal it is meddling in Russia’s affairs

Russia claims the United state of America is undoubtedly unsatisfactorily attempting to enlist Russian nationals in order to serve as its agents.  In the course of a teleconference regarding a document in New York Times, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that it proved Washington was actually infringing on Russian affairs. This individual said the FBI and also UNITED STATE Justice Dept, made an attempt unsuccessfully, to enlist Russian aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska as an informer […]

Russia competently test fired new interceptor rocket

Russian armed force has effectively test-fired a brand new interceptor rocket over at the Sary-Shagan testing location inside Kazakhstan. During an announcement, Russian Defense Administrative agency mentioned the new rocket can easily get to a speed of 4 kilometres a second, comes with absolutely no equal on the planet. The announcement claimed this will signify that adversary’s warheads, are going to be safely and effectively obliterated during the maximum height & distance. The announcement explained, […]

Russia Says United States Preparing New Assault On Syria

Russia has recently made it very clear that the United state of america, is definitely preparing brand-new assault on Syria. Russian Emissary inside Washington pointed out he has shared his nation’s apprehension to UNITED STATE authorities in this particular connection. Syria -Russia – USA – Standoff  Russia has never left out the probability regarding more assaults against Syria by the USA, since very closely observing the prep work which the US Military is conducting within the […]

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