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Central Algiers Protests Escalate

Thousands of individuals took to the streets as Central Algiers Protests Escalate on Thursday shouting “No vote! We need liberty!” as the authorities held a governmental election that a mass demonstration movement views as “a charade meant to keep the controlling elite in power”. Ballot papers of the 5 governmental prospects are displayed at a ballot station in Algiers, Algeria December 12th, 2019. Authorities hurried the crowd by using police batons to separate the marchers, […]

Hong Kong cops made a threat to fire live bullets on “demonstrators”

Hong Kong cops threatened on Monday to shoot live ammunition if the “demonstrators” did not stop using deadly weapons against police. The skirmishes outside an educational institution in the middle of Hong Kong where revolutionists/rioters were generally hunkered down behind makeshift screens or shields, tossing gas projectiles at law enforcement in a Mexican standoff while obstructing and blocking a tunnel. Law enforcement agencies pointed out on Sunday that one police officer had been treated already […]

Haitians Clashed with Police

Haitians clashed with police when they celebrated the funerals of seven people killed in anti-corruption protests, October 31st, 2018. The images published on Wednesday show several people walking as they carry the coffins of the dead through the streets of Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti, while some protesters face the police, in addition to barricades and burn tires. On October 17th, seven people were killed during clashes between protesters and police officers in […]