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Protesters Flooded the Streets of Iraq

Iraq streets fuddling with protesters

Hundreds of anti-government protesters flooded the streets of Iraq, opposing a strong Iraqi spiritual leader that just recently took out his support out of the popular movement. Police force shot teargas as well as live bullets in order to scatter the masses from the capital’s Khilani Square, clinical and even protection authorities confirmed this. The representatives talked to the Middle East headlines news team on the condition of anonymousness and according to policies. At the […]

Car Bomb Detonation Murders 4 Near Iraq’s Mosul

Within Iraq, a minimum of 4 individuals have been murdered along with 15 additional injured during a car bomb detonation towards the south of Mosul metropolitan area. Basing on information provided by local media, the event happened when a car loaded with explosives positioned itself close to a dining establishment and a congested local market spot within the northerly Iraqi city of Qayyara then detonated, causing death and injury to local patrons. The total numbers […]

New Leader of Iraq is Barham Salih

Veteran Kurdish political leader Barham Salih has been chosen as the new President of Iraq.   Iran congratulates Iraq on electing new president Barham Salih, a registered member for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan knocked out his primary combatant Fuad Hussein from the Kurdistan Democratic Group with 219 ballots to 22 and gained the presidency of Iraq.

The closing of US consulate in Basra

The federal government for the United state of america closed up a consulate within Basra for bureaucratic reasons, and not necessarily for safety and security, said governor Asaad al-Eidani. Friday, United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, revealed the closing of the government office in Basra, allegedly due to threats originating from “the Iranian Authorities” and Quds Troop from the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps. (CGRI). Pompeo likewise implicated the Iranian-backed powers of a mortar […]

Iraq Denied Turkish soldiers Entry To Arab Country

Iraq refused to permit Turkish soldiers back into the Arab region following a leave of absence from their bases, a government-affiliated think tank within Baghdad has disclosed. As pointed out by Al-Nahrain Facility for Tactical Researches, the step is actually in line with the Iraqi federal government’s attempts to bring an end to Turkey armed forces presence inside the region. The step had been embraced and executed the past several months, “holding back visas from […]

Iran congratulates Iraq on electing new president

Iran congratulates the nation of Iraq on the election of a new president of Parliament and reaffirms its support for democracy and the sovereignty of this Arab neighbor. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the democracy, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq and supports the decisions taken by the elected representatives of the Iraqi people,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi underlined on Saturday. The Persian diplomat has added that the election of the new […]