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Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper Between US Troops and Syria Civilians

Russia Acting as Peacekeeper Between US and Syria

The Middle East (Consortium News) – The Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper between US Army and Syrian Civilians by preventing the acceleration of conflict among troops and civilians in the district of Al Hasaka in northeastern Syria, stated the head of the Russian Hub for Reconciliation, Yuri Borenkov. On February 12th in the early morning, an American armed forces convoy redirected from its path and killed a 14-year-old kid and also injured another man by […]

Democracy Would Work In The Middle East

The Middle East is truly the core for the entire world, whenever we think about the Middle East we think about just where the world started and also where all of the various religions progressed from. The Regions out of the Middle East are actually full of historical information as well as artefacts, it’s the place The Hinduisms’ Veda, The Muslims’ Koran, The Christians’ Holy Bible and even the Jews’ Torah originated from. This ought […]