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Donald Trump, Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton

Truth about Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and Hillary Clinton

It appears in the course of the 2016 political elections, Vocalist Taylor Swift was provided an option by the present Leader Donald Trump to back the Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Although Swift did not carry it ahead, still, a number of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and more did back the Democratic political candidate. The pop performer claims that it wasn’t simply her superstar status which kept her quiet but it really had […]

What do you think about famous people that are forthright regarding their political views?

Do you believe well-known individuals should share their viewpoints regarding national political views, or perhaps keep out of them? Why? Before we get into it, For those of us that love Taylor Swift , I found this >┬áTaylor Swift 2019 Calendar┬áCheck it out. “Taylor Swift, Endorses Democratic Candidates in Tennessee,” Sarah Mervosh blogs about just how the pop celebrity broke her bureaucratic silence with a Instagram message on Oct. 7th: Taylor Swift, pop titan that […]