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Are Foldable Smartphones the Future or Just Another Fad?

Foldable smartphones offer users a big display screen compared to tablets, Changing the face of technology, here is how and why… That is ideal if you want a much immersive experience while watching videos, reading articles or books, playing games, and so much more. In addition to that, being able to flip your phone open to having a sizable screen seems magical. If you are always on the road, it makes a great portable entertainment […]

New Smartphones Coming Soon

Initially, New Smartphones were used as a means to communicate but the phones of today have great capabilities. It is common to see new internal and external features every year. These may include fast processors, quality pictures, and enhanced colors. The utility of smartphones increases with new models and variants showing up in the market and compelling one and a half billion population of the world to buy them each year. But with cell phones […]

Most Frequent Faults or Problems With Smartphones

The technological issues are the main factor why we change our smartphones. As a matter of fact, although the useful life regarding these gadgets is, typically¬†about 2 years, 50% of individuals point out that because of these troubles they are going to change their mobile phone in less than a year and a half, basing on a survey. From Certideal, a network devoted to the sale of refurbished and pre-owned technical gadgets, they have discovered […]