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Turkey ready to start a military offensive in Syria if the agreement with the US fails

Turkish Tanks invade Syria

Turkey is prepared to return to its military offensive in Syria in the event that the United States does not meet its obligation to ensure the extraction of Kurdish troops, pointed out Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “If the pledges or guarantees of the United States are not met, we are going to continue the operation within Syria using even greater force,” the Turkish leader informed Middle East Headlines News team, prior to departing for […]

The Israeli Military Closed Ibrahimi Mosque

The Israeli military last night closed up the doors of the Ibrahimi Mosque inside Hebron, stopping Palestinians from getting in under the pretense of Jewish holiday seasons, and even mounted monitoring video cameras at Beit Jala. The Israeli military sealed all army checkpoints and also electric entrances leading to the Ibrahimi Cathedral, and even stopped residents and locals from the region from intercrossing so as to get to the shrine for prayer. The Israeli occupation […]

Visiting the first McDonald’s Restaurant in Russia

MacDonald's in Russia was a step up from the American one

Middle East Headlines News reporter Chris Wick, went to the very first McDonald’s restaurant which opened inside Russia on January 31st, 1990. At the time of walking into the facilities, our staff discovered immediately just how roomy and even well-maintained the location was. Say, Farewell to your Big Mac in Europe Over 20 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge “I did not observe any type of trash on the floor surface or even […]

Israeli Police Encourage Prosecuting PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli law enforcement agency on Sunday encourage prosecuting PM Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery charges connected to a corruption case entailing Israel’s telecommunications titan, triggering instant demand for the PM’s resignation. Israeli police claim their inquiry has already established an evidentiary basis enough to charge Netanyahu as well as his spouse Sara for taking kickbacks, fraudulence & violation or breach of trust. The case focuses on skepticisms in which advisers for Netanyahu marketed policies well worth […]

Khalifa Haftar Arrived in Jordan for Vital Reconciliation Talks

Libya armed forces leader Khalifa Haftar is in Jordan for reconciliation talks with Libya’s Fayez Sarraj chief from the Governmental Committee, Middle East Headlines News has discovered. Top federal government sources informed Middle East Headlines News that the General of the Army Khalifa Aftar & the Libyan military is inside Jordan without providing explanations with regard to the visit. Experts strongly believe that this tour or visit is really targeted at accelerating reconciliation discussions with […]

Yemen forces press towards Hodeidah as fatalities mount

Yemen forces said hey have already progressed nearer to the militia-held metropolitan area of Hodeidah, right after intense fights which have already wiped out 200 soldiers in a week. The fierce confrontation¬† arrive as the United Nations presses to reactivate discussions among the warring individuals, when discussions inside Geneva broke down back in September even before they actually had a chance to start. Within the last 24 hrs, 27 Iran-backed Houthi militia¬† with 12 pro-government […]

United States Saturated with WMD to Destroy Planet 10 times over

The United States saturated with WMD (weapons of Mass distraction) and does not need to have an updated nuclear buildup, previous congressman Ron Paul said. Provide feedback regarding Commander in chief Donald Trump’s threat to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces inside Europe (INF) pact. The past Republican politician and chief of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace including Prosperity informed Middle East Headlines News, that he does not think a prospective United States abandonment out […]

China denies accusations of US political election meddling

China has already denied United States accusations of wanting to meddle in the forthcoming US political elections. China’s finest ambassador at the UN Security Committee Wang Yi called the allegations as unjustified, claiming China has neither meddled within any nation’s inner affairs nor will undertake any in near future. Yi’s remarks arrived in reaction to AMERICA Commander in chief Donald Trump’s remarks in the U.N. Security Council conference, implicating China of trying to interfere with […]