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Mexico Endorsed a Brand New North American Trade Deal

The Mexican Senate endorsed a brand new North American trade deal on Wednesday, helping make Mexico the very first nation to validate a package that the Commander in chief Trump has already publicized as his trademark, trade accomplishment. ” Mexico gets the lead, using crystal clear indicators, that our economic situation is truly open,” Jesús Seade, Mexico’s leading mediator, published to Twitter, commemorating the Senate’s confirmation regarding the bill. “We trust that our associates are […]

Trade relations between Mexico and Washington

The Latin American Economic Observatory studies the evolution of trade relations between Mexico and Washington: its findings shed light on this new stage of the commercial ‘war’ now directed towards Mexico. We explain what is really happening with international business relations, influenced by the US crisis. “To the four countries with which the US has a deficit – China, Japan, Germany, and Mexico – have decided to make them a commercial war,” Oscar Ugarteche, an […]

Trump Stops Granting Asylum

United State Of America Commander In Chief Donald Trump Stops Granting Asylum to immigrants that cross the U.S.-Mexico boundary unlawfully, looking for new methods to shut out countless Central Americans journeying within caravans from going into the USA. USA Might Send 15,000 Soldiers to Mexico Border The order, that goes into effect Saturday, implies that immigrants are going to need to “report to US ports of entry in order to get approved for refuge status”. […]

Mexico Faces The National Regeneration Movement

Mexico – The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) has a presidency and the Congress in its power. In Mexico a party dominates the political scene, the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) has a majority in Congress, the other parties were left with small benches, but they will seek to influence and not be intimidated by the morenista wave in the Upper House. The opposition legislators say that the majority party will have to convince and seek consensus […]

Mexico Bends to Trump’s Demands

Mexico – The trade agreement reached on Monday with the US government dodges the most feared scenario for the Latin American country. The rupture with its main commercial partner – and the demands raised by Donald Trump in exchange for assignments in the new scales that will govern in a key sector -the automotive industry- and in dispute resolution mechanisms, according to half a dozen specialists. The non-agreement was not a real option for Mexico, for its […]