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The U.S. is relaxing it’s posture on Israeli settlements

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is anticipated to declare on Monday that the United State of America is relaxing its posture on Israeli settlements within the occupied West Bank. Pompeo intends to revoke a 1978 State Agency lawful viewpoint which maintained that noncombatant settlements within the occupied terrains are simply “inconstant with intercontinental regulation.” The action is going outraged Palestinians and even put the United States of America at odds with other countries already trying […]

Netanyahu Plans to Unite Israeli Settlements

Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu plans to unite Israeli settlements within the occupied Western Bank, Middle East Headlines News revealed him as stating Sunday, restating an election district pledge created 5 months back but once again providing no timeframe. Settlements are among the highest heated up matters within the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Palestinians have already articulated concerns in which Netanyahu might oppose worldwide opinion and even move forward with annexing with attainable support coming from United States […]