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Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria

Erdogan vs Syria

Middle East (Consortium News) – Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria and cautions that the Syrian authorities will pay “a higher price” for attacking the Turkish soldiers. On February 10th, the regime’s troops were given a strong reaction, however, that was definitely insufficient, according to Erdogan. “There will definitely be a continuance. They are going to pay a very high price. Tomorrow [February 12th] inside the Legislative Assembly, I will report on the upcoming actions,”. said […]

Erdogan Gave Syria a Deadline

Turkish leader Erdogan Gave Syria a Deadline or WAR

Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Syria a deadline up until the end of February to pull out from Turkish monitoring posts within Idlib following the event on February 3rd. ” In the event that the [Syrian] government military do not pull back during February from both Turkish monitoring posts inside Idlib, we are going to do whatever it takes (…) Our soldiers are going to begin operation in case required,” Erdogan claimed when appearing […]

Invasion on country’s economy absolutely no different than assault on flag

Tayyip Erdogan Monday stated “an attack on Turkey’s overall economy was no different from an attack against its own flag or perhaps call to prayer”, reacting to a latest unit of currency sell-off within religious as well as nationalist terminologies in front of a huge Muslim holiday. During a pre-recorded spiel so as to mark the four-day Eid al-Adha celebration, that begins Tuesday, a resistive Erdogan pointed out the objective of the money dilemma was […]