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New Artificial Intelligence Software

Researchers at Oxford Educational institution have actually presented a new artificial intelligence software, that can identifying and also track the faces of monkeys in the wild. Using this brand-new software program, it is going to possible for scientists and even wildlife preservationists to save on their time and useful resource in order to assess video recording footage. Dan Schofield, a specialist in Oxford University Primate Models Laboratory, Institution of Anthropology, pointed out that a great […]


The SuperIntelligence concept and fear of a Computer System smarter than the human brain has been around for quite some time. Having an entity that is smarter than the human race, which will put the fate of the entire human population at peril, is indeed a horrible thought. But fiction might not be that far from reality. As Artificial intelligence advances and progresses with faster and more complex problem solving cognitive and learning abilities, we […]

A Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Technology and Insurance go Hand In Hand

The curious and creative human mind has invented A Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence to ease his living since his inception.  The human race has come a long way from using simple tools for hunting to using innovations in information technology for calculations beyond the capacity of a human brain. One of the latest and most researched fields in information technology is artificial intelligence (AI) which is the epitome of technological intellect. The Modern Approach […]

Artificial Intelligence Explained Simply

What is Artificial Intelligence exactly? We recognize that Artificial Intelligence is the field of Computer technology whose goal is to have systems resolve issues and engage with the environment similarly to humans. Yet another description might be that AI is the sum of all techniques and divisions of processing that attempt to execute various “intelligent” actions for several tasks or even replicate people behavior. What is strong AI and weak AI? Inside Ai, strong Artificial […]