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Explosions Disrupt President Ashraf Ghani Speach In Afghanistan

Leader Ashraf Ghani elected again as president of Afghanistan

Explosions disrupted the very first address of Ashraf Ghani, the new leader of Afghanistan, in the course of the event held in the Presidential Royal Residence in Kabul soon after taking his vow. The video recording released by the Afghan news organization TOLONews, reveals the precise time of these explosions as Ghani goes on with the speech in spite of everything. Security quickly enters to encompass the leader, that is still reading before an audience […]

Washington And The Taliban Strike A Deal

Did Washington And The Taliban Strike A Deal?

Washington and the Taliban Strike a deal, that sets out conditions for the extraction of American and NATO soldiers from Afghanistan. The arrangement was confirmed by United States peace intermediary to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and also one of the Taliban’s top innovators, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, at Qatar’s capital Doha Saturday. The agreement will see Washington and also its own allies taking their troopers out of 5 bases inside Afghanistan in the upcoming 135 days. […]

United States commander in Afghanistan acknowledges Taliban can not be beat

The Afghanistan conflict can not be won militarily, also that peace may only be accomplished by means of a bureaucratic resolution with the Taliban. The newly-appointed United States General in charge of United States & NATO affairs has recently stated. Within his initial conversation since getting command of NATO’s Undaunted Support objective in September, Gen. Austin Scott Miller gave NBC News    a shockingly unbiased evaluation of the apparently continuous conflict, that kicked off by […]

Afghanistan Suicide bombing leaves behind 19 dead plus 57 wounded

At the very least 19 individuals have already been murdered and also 57 various other hurt within far eastern Afghanistan with a suicide bombing attack inside Nangarhar district. “A suicide bomber attacked a group of people who were protesting against a local police commander in the Momand Dara district of Nangarhar province, causing fatalities,” a spokesperson for the rural authorities pointed out. An initial balance sheet disclosed 5 dead and a minimum of 30 harmed. […]

Investigating Criminal Offenses Inside Afghanistan

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is going to sanction judges to The Hague, in the event that this court opens an inquiry regarding war crime activities of Washington inside Afghanistan. The British media company Reuters disclosed Monday, getting a draft regarding a speech to be used Monday through the Nationwide Safety And Security Consultant for the White House, John Bolton. ” The United States will use all necessary means to protect our citizens and those of […]