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Yemen forces press towards Hodeidah as fatalities mount

Yemen forces said hey have already progressed nearer to the militia-held metropolitan area of Hodeidah, right after intense fights which have already wiped out 200 soldiers in a week.

The fierce confrontation  arrive as the United Nations presses to reactivate discussions among the warring individuals, when discussions inside Geneva broke down back in September even before they actually had a chance to start.

Within the last 24 hrs, 27 Iran-backed Houthi militia  with 12 pro-government soldiers have been killed near the borders of Hodeidah, a medic source informed Middle East Headlines News Team Wednesday.

A pro-government source claimed that patriots supported through a Saudi-led alliance generated “limited advances” towards the town and even its own Red Sea harbor, where 70 per-cent of the poverty-stricken nation’s imports pass by all the time.

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The alliance is generally backing the Yemen forces using Jets and even Apache assault choppers, this individual informed Middle East Headlines News reporters.

Hodeidah – The remaining Houthi fortifications in Yemen’s western coastline, was taken by force of the militia along with the capital Sanaa, back in 2014.

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The Saudi-led alliance stepped in on behalf of the state & Government the subsequent year.

Hodeidah harbor is essential when it comes to aid shipments to local non combatants, as well as food imports to Yemen, wherein starvation looms, over 14 million individuals including “young child keep dying virtually every 10 mins of a situation that is quite easily avoidable”, basing on the UN.

Saudi Arabia keep blaming Iran of using the Hodeidah seaport to smuggle rockets/missiles to the Houthis, an accusation  Tehran totally disclaims.

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