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Will Trump build the Mexican wall?

Once a base for trump’s presidential campaign is now a curiosity among not only US citizens but also around the globe.

During his election campaign back in 2016, building a Mexican border wall was an interesting agenda. A promise that stirred up things for democrats.

His unfulfilled promise is making his supporters wonder “Will Trump build the Mexican wall?”.

The US has approximately a 2000-miles long southern border with Mexico.

Mr. Trump announced to build a wall covering the entire 2000- miles. Later on, he clarified that there are going to be some modifications to already existing borders; including fences and sensor borders.

He also stated that “nature is taking care of it: in forms of rivers and mountains.

Due to his changing views, ‘Will Trump build the Mexican wall‘ is still in the works.

Mr. Trump wants to have a budget of around 6 billion USD from the military fund. Pentagon, however, is not in favor.

Republicans, on the other hand, want to use this budget for the betterment of detention centers on the southern border.

The Court is allowing the administration to use 2.5 billion dollars for that purpose.

However, authorities did not sign it yet.

“Looks like Mr. Trump will have to wait to start fulfilling his controversial promises”, some say.

Furthermore, if we compare the budget of 7 billion dollars for 665 miles of a wall in the presidential era of George W .Bush. A budget of 7+ billion dollars for a wall of 336 miles for Mr. Trump,  raised eyebrows among people.

That 336 miles include 110 miles of new construction and 226 miles of replacement for the existing wall.

Till then it’s going to be questionable if  ‘Trump builds the Mexican wall?’

Still, people are of different views.

Some people are of the view that the build-up of the Mexican wall will raise several political issues.

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