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Why Mankind Has Not Found Aliens?

Specialist Alexandr Panov from the department of nuclear physics in the Academy of Moscow clarified why mankind has not found aliens, yet.

The primary obstacle for human beings and aliens are strong radio discharges produced by the Sun’s rays, pointed out Panov, who is the supervisor at the scientific-cultural facility SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) the Institute for Russian scientific research. Basing on him, these discharges are so strong that it will be virtually inconceivable to determine a signal sent out by aliens or human beings.

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Additionally, this specific barricade runs in both directions, considering that the sun’s discharges not only disguise our radio signals, they likewise impede in the recognition of those signals which could very well originate from aliens. To this is added all of the radio sounds produced from the planet itself.

“If you want to collect comparable signals, it will be essential to use receivers of a colossal size that humankind does not possess for now. That means, that a questionable sound could be determined as the radio emission originating from our planetary system. However, absolutely no land-class instrumentality can figure out this specific sound into anything which bears resemblance to realistic information,” this person explained.

At the moment, radio waves are the primary and only ways employed/used to look for space inhabitant life.

SETI likewise is dependent on this particular tool.

“Making the hunt even more challenging is the intergalactic spans or distances”, said Mr. Panov.

Therefore, when the very first radio broadcasts started back in 1909, and also public TV during the 30s of the 20th century, could be the reasonsĀ why mankind has not found Aliens, is a result of all those broadcast streams that pass through the Planet’s ionosphere move far from our earth at a distance of one hundred light-years. Keeping in mind that the overall size of the galaxy goes way beyond 100,000 light-years, “that is the problem”, this person explained.

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