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Why is it so difficult for rural areas to have reliable internet access?

The Internet is deemed as a necessity for households across the world, without reliable internet access, the world would not be as sophisticated as it is today.

We couldn’t even ask “Alexa” for help when we needed to know something, said one user.

So why is rural America so disconnected?

Reliable internet access starts with distance.

Internet providers can’t afford to roll out the internet in rural areas because the cost of construction is so high as “providers would lose money”, said another frequent user.

Cable provider sources say it “costs around $20 per 12 inches of cable for fiber internet lines”. Rural areas often don’t have homes close together, so it becomes a financial burden for the cable company.

Spectrum, one of Americas top cable providers has just released a mobile cell phone service option.

The plan is very good according to customers, however, they also pointed out that you have to “be an internet customer to qualify”.

Rural area customers depend on cell providers connections for internet and plan often prohibits heavy data use, yes even those “unlimited” plans.

So what options do rural America have when it comes to the internet?

Satellite internet is an option; however, it is slow and often capped with a limit, sources say.

AT&T offers “Fixed Wireless” for rural customers, but don’t get your hopes up, It’s not available in all areas.

Rural America either pays hundreds of dollars each month for a semi-reliable connection or they aren’t connected at all.

Not being connected can cause massive problems, children often have a “hard time to complete online homework” say, parents.

To get rural America connected to the world via the internet we need change. You can help the fight for connection in rural America, there are several online petitions.

Let’s help rural America get connected!

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