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Whooping Cough Outbreak Closes School

In spite of a 100% inoculation rate, a Texas school closes up very early for winter season break because of a whooping cough outbreak.

Plainly the vaccine is failing to function or work as promoted.

Supposing that there was persuading evidence that the inoculation or vaccination does not work and it reached St. Theresa Catholic Institution in Texas … Disclosed by on Dec. 19th, the institution encounters a break out of whooping cough, resulting in closing their doors and begin their wintertime break early.

On Dec. 4th, St. Theresa School in Memorial Park, disclosed its 1st case to the Texas Dept. of State Health Service Providers. Since then, the break out has intensified – and certainly not due to the misapplication of spiritual and medical exemptions, or alleged “anti-vaxxer” parent or guardians.

Basing on the FoxNews review, the institution vaccination uptake level was at 100%.

” Authorities with the Parish of Galveston-Houston claimed that one hundred percent of pupils that go to St. Theresa Catholic Institution is immunized to fight the illness.”.

That was actually verified by the following announcement to parents or guardians sent out by the institution.

In reaction to this particular occurrence, Children’s Health and wellness Defense (CHD) published a short article entitled, “Pertussis: Vaccine Failure, Not Failure to Vaccinate,” describing how “despite propaganda” to the contrary, that there is never a conscientious objector to inoculation such as these (i.e. alleged “anti-vaxxers”), still, a failing pertussis vaccination.

“The mythology surrounding vaccines is still pervasive, the majority of the population still believes, in faith like fashion, that vaccines are the first line of defense against disease. The true story is that nutrition and psychological/emotional health are the first line of defense against disease.

Vaccines are a concoction of chemical adjuvants and preservatives coupled with virus fragments and have clearly been implicated in the astounding rise in neurological disorders around the world, yet the ‘popular’ media has embedded itself as a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical cartel and simply does not report in any responsible way the real situation”

As a matter of fact, based on CHD’s post, “the vaccination on its own might be driving intensified danger with regard to whooping cough.”

” Research studies reveal that by 5 years following completion of the DTaP succession, youngsters were 15 times more likely to get pertussis compared to the initial year immediately after the succession”.

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