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White House Announces Its Middle East Peace Proposal

The White House has announced the first part of its Deal of the Century for the Middle East, It’s Middle East Peace Proposal.

The officials are calling it an economic workshop, as it will encourage capital investment in the West Bank, Gaza.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser, along with US envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt has charted out the plan.

The officials told Middle East headlines news team that they have used the world workshop instead of a summit as the creators of the plan and are looking for investors, as the success of this plan merely relies on the response of finance ministers as well as the investors.

The workshop is to be held in Manama on June 25th and 26th, where finance ministers along with the investors from the region will be invited.

President Donald Trump called this “the deal of the century” and the task was assigned to Jared Kushner who worked on it for a long time.

The workshop and the process will also be headed by him.

The official revealed that investment plan with the political solution will be released after a year. Currently, they are trying to attract investors to start investments in the region.

After the proposal was revealed, Kushner answered when asked, that “Palestinians are fighting the war of their forefathers and destroying the future of their children”. He hoped that this “economic proposal will be a viable option that doesn’t exist in the country”.

A senior administration official said that “infrastructure, industry, investing in people and governance reforms are the four key components that the plan”.

The purpose is to make the area as investable as possible.

Kushner also told that the same model or idea has been “successfully followed in other parts of the world including Poland, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea”.

The official sources also added that the plan includes offering private capital and low-interest loans as well as grants to the people.

The economic proposal is aimed at avoiding political tensions and resolve the issues that have made peace elusive in the region. They believe the region can get a peace deal if the economic situation improves.

Finance minister, not the foreign ministers, from the regional countries, are to attend the workshop in Bahrain. The official said that “this is the first part of the peace deal and we will show people of the region hit with a war that CEOs care about them and understand their issues”.

Another official added that “the purpose of the workshop is to show you cannot have peace without economic stability, better economic conditions without terror free environment”.

If the Palestinians want the economy going ahead, “this is the chance for them to thrive and make progress”.

Kushner is hopeful that the workshop will showcase the potential of the region to the finance ministers as well as investment leaders. Other officials also discussed that rolling out both the economic and political plans is “complex and hard” because both are detailed processes.

The better economic conditions will create an environment and atmosphere of a peace deal for the Palestinians.


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