WhatsApp Sticker Apps are Being Removed From App Store

In recent times, Apple has deleted all its WhatsApp Sticker apps from the App Store since these apps have been found to have violated the company’s guidelines for developers. This was reported by WABetaInfo, which is a fan website that provides updates on the upcoming WhatsApp features.

WABetaInfo said that the reason behind Apple taking the decision of removing WhatsApp Sticker apps is that many apps on the app store exhibit similar behavior, some have a similar design, and most importantly, the apps require WhatsApp to be installed whereas App Store guidelines instruct that these apps should not require other apps. Even then, no official statement has been released by Apple or WhatsApp as of now.

In the month of October, in one of their blog posts, WhatsApp announced the additional support for third-party developers which helps them build sticker apps for WhatsApp which can be used on both Android and iOS users.

The designers were also asked to “publish their sticker app just like any other app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and users who download and install that app would be able to start sending those stickers right from within WhatsApp.

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