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In the past “Mission: Impossible” stunts, Tom Cruise scaled the top of Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai and reached an impressive height on the side of a flying A400 military aircraft.

Spy Ethan Hunt has a celebrated thrill resume that got Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie obsessed with topping the stunt past franchise in the 6th film known as “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”.

Talk about an impossible mission for the 56-year-old actor. 

“We kept pulling off these big gags and saying, ‘It’s just not big enough ” McQuarrie says.” Then we took stock halfway through filming and it was like, ‘Hey, this movie is crazy. “

“Fallout” is already being showered accolades as the most thrilling “Mission,” with on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes giving a 97 percent approval rating from critics– not for one showstopper, but the entire series of Cruise stunts.

His injury in London due to a rooftop leap already is astonishing.

Jumping from one building in London to the wall of another, by Cruise standards, is pretty perfunctory. However, during production last August, Tom Cruise overshot his jump thereby breaking his right ankle while landing. “I know it’s broken,” Cruise recalled thinking. But, as viral paparazzi footage showed, he finished the shot, limping on one foot.

Production was postponed for three months for him to recuperate. But global fascination only heightened the admiration for his stunts. Whatever the safety precautions may be, it’s the star who is putting himself on the line. “The mishap became the thing everybody knew. It raised the awareness stakes,” McQuarrie remarked. “It reminds people that no stunt is small at all.”

The scene looked impressive, beginning with Tom Cruise running across rooftops at full speed and flying. The footage was shot after production resumed in London, some five months after the jump that got him injured.

McQuarrie says “Everything you see him do in that chase, Cruise is doing it on an ankle that’s still broken”. On a speeding motorcycle, his hair flew in Paris traffic.

Yes, that’s Cruise flying on a motorcycle between traffic and into traffic for the action involving landmarks in Paris such as the Arc de Triomphe. Hunt did not grab a helmet during his run from the cops, so Cruise’s mop flies in the hair-raising scene.

The film crew was give two hours by the French officials, starting at 6 a.m. on a Sunday, to shoot the scenes some distance away from the closed-down Arc. That was not the right time for Cruise’s motorcycle safety rig to develop a fault before cameras rolled.

McQuarrie said that Cruise just took off on his bike to begin the scenes, involving 70 stuntmen who are driving cars.

“We did it old school,” McQuarrie explained. “That’s Tom with no safety gear and no helmet; just going for broke. We had a schedule to keep.”

The flight helicopter payload had a killer stowaway in New Zealand.

Cruise and McQuarrie had high hopes for the stunt which featured Hunt dragging himself onto an escaping helicopter after hanging on to a dangling payload cargo rope before falling.

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