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What went wrong with the shooting down of Ukrainian flight PS752

Soon after the shoot-down of the Ukrainian flight PS752, the major concern inside Iran and also throughout its own armed forces and bureaucratic circles is “what went wrong”.

A review regarding the conditions under which the event occurred, sadly, reveals the fact that absolutely nothing went wrong.

The tactical as well as strategic choices that have made at that time were actually all logical and even made good sense.

However, regrettably shit happens and even the minute every little thing works as it really is expected to work.

The Iran media has presently released a complete English version transcription regarding news agency meeting with IRGC Aerospace commanding officer Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh.

It likewise offers a video recording by English version captions concerning the conversation.

The narrative this person provides is extremely probable and also features absolutely no contradictions inside it regarding Ukrainian flight PS752.

Check out the complete story right here …

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