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Social Internet – Technologies that transformed the world

Not long ago we spoke about the Internet and how the planet had evolved, But what about the Social Internet?

We are becoming fewer and fewer who have lived without having the Information superhighway and more and more are not able to even picture a way of life without having accessibility to the media network of networks, a growing number of ubiquitous as time passes.

The Web is more essential than ever before in our everyday life.

However, there is an aspect of the Information superhighway that people make use of very frequently and that one way or another would end up being created.

I talk about the social Internet, the virtual locations through which Net users can exchange impressions, discussion, feature their small corner within the system and even educate themselves.

The social Internet explained a great deal the moment it showed up, it has said a whole lot since its birth and still has a whole lot to say.

Concepts like BBS or even USENET are absolutely foreign to a lot of today’s Net users, due to the fact that when we began to connect to the Online world they were hardly used. As a matter of fact, both date from the late 70s and started to become favored all throughout the 80s.

The very first were the forefathers of the online forums of today.

They operated within residential devices devoted to it, making use of modems which measured their baud speed, some not even featured a hard disk drive (a luxury during that time).

They were generally utilized for things like distributing shareware to propagating initial PC infections, all without having the ability to allow oftentimes more than one user at a time (whenever an end user was linked, it took up the only line accessible for the program).

The very first BBS service was introduced by Ward Christensen back in February 1978 in the metropolitan area of Chicago.

To better understand the history and trajectory of the Bulletin Board Systems there is a documentary, BBS: The Documentary , licensed through Creative Commons and we can see it streaming for free .

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