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Watch Magic Smart Watch Review

The Watch Magic smart watch – Currently, this watch is strictly in the planning stages which we uncovered through a report released on the Bluetooth SIG internet site.

This specific file does not offer a whole lot of information about the components relating to the mystical gadget that is using model number ELF-G10.

Having said that, they describe this as being a smartwatch with the name Smart Watch Honor product line, ( link below article).

What sticks out is that the gadget/watch is going to be built using a MediaTek platform.

This is actually a far less typical choice for the chipset, considering that the majority of watches on the marketplace today are using Qualcomm processor chips.

Both Huawei along with Honor have already been playing around with software & hardware on their most current wearables.

The Watch GT, for instance, makes use of a double processor chip, one of these for high-performance tasks and also one which carries out most fundamental timer features…

Relating to the software application, both firms today possess their very own LiteOs operating system with regard to smartwatches.

Perhaps Honor is seeking to further enhance the battery life in this brand new MediaTek system style.

Lastly, our experts find that the watch works with Bluetooth 4.0 connection using reduced power.

Up until now, this is all the information disclosed to the public.

Our experts are hoping very shortly, to get even more information regarding the lists of specifications of the brand-new Honor wearable.

Here is the Information we have so far, from the source. 

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