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Trump Realizes that Washington Shields Dictators

United States Leader Donald Trump acknowledges that Washington shields dictators and also asks them to pay for his protection.

Announcements generated Wednesday during a campaign rally at Mosinee, within the state of Wisconsin, the United States commander in chief did not actually specify the name “Saudi Arabia ‘, however unconditionally called it a”dictator” to the Arab empire and even demanded they shell out for Military protection they get from the United States.

“Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. King, Mr. Dictator, Mr. Whoever we are protecting, you have to start paying for your safety,” Trump shouted.

Similarly, Japan and even Southern Korea – that obtain, (basing on Trump), AMERICA militaristic backing.

“Yet these country’s do not pay back the money owed to Washington” – he mentioned

Trump said that he is “not going to support his rich allies”, such as Tokyo & Seoul.

Just recently, the United States leader cautioned that the Monarch of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, would never last in power without having the armed forces back up out of Washington.

Threatening Riyadh with stopping armed aid, if it does not decrease the elevated oil rates.

For his part, the Saudi Crown Royal prince Muhamad bin Salman mentioned during earlier October, that Riyadh “will not pay anything” to the USA.

With regard to the “security” of the country.

“We believe that all the armaments that we have from the United States were paid, they are not free,” the man announced.

President Trump protected his Administration’s protocol towards N. Korea, Iran and even China, stressing that the measures utilized in these particular 3 nations add to safeguard the “national interests” of the United state of america.

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