Was God An Astronaut?

Erich von Daniken has extensively investigated and evaluated the fantastic world of religious beliefs, their misconceptions and also mindset frameworks, in an attempt to discover an answer to a matter which has captivated human beings for centuries: exactly who, or what were the Gods illustrated in historical tales?

His remarkable conclusion?

The Gods were never supernatural creatures born of humankind’s overactive creative imagination, but space beings that left behind signs of their existence just about everywhere in the world.

” Was God an astronaut?”

Shows up within The Book of Secrets, the narrative sequence deals with all kinds of conspiracy theory, starting with the Kennedy murder to the mystical power of Los Angeles del Infierno.

It is pointed out that the White House hides relevant information that space beings have indeed been here for hundreds of years: not only did these beings build the pyramids, but that they exemplify the primary character in the Holy Bible.

In yet another series of the network which does not measure up to its name, Aliens, who devoted a section to Albert Einstein.

Was this person also one of them?

Was Einstein’s brain linked to aliens?, like those of Galileo or perhaps Archimedes.

Well, certainly there is no ideal work credited to human beings whose merit does not correspond to travelers coming from various other planets (with the exception of maybe the Calatrava bridges ), an extraterrestrial ship of the subnormal.

Individuals that formerly declared phantoms of supernatural beings in the many years of the Cold War saw flying disks.

The very same aspiration persuade us that we are definitely not alone.

Considering that all of us have a digital camera in our mobile phones nowadays, go, and snap away phantoms, phenomena or even aliens, I’m confident they would undoubtedly gain lots of “likes” on Facebook.

According to enthusiasts, space beings have actually been monitoring people for a long time, showing us methods, looking after all of us, although (they might have been a lot faster with vaccines!). I’m just saying!

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