Vladimir Putin Ready To Meet Donald Trump

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin explained Thursday that he is ready to meet United State of America equivalent Donald Trump and talk about mutual relationships and numerous concerns regarding the intercontinental plan.

“I don’t know if there is going to be a meeting between us. I have said many times that we are ready, and we believe that there are issues we must discuss together,” Putin stated in his yearly news conference.

The individual suggested both sides need to go over the reciprocal associations that both of these countries are interested with, in addition to concerns pertaining to the Korean Peninsula, Afghanistan, worldwide safety and security, arms regulation as well as numerous others around the world.

“I hope that something is going to be corrected, as in fact we have reached the bottom of our relations and we should understand that there is a necessity to go up from this bottom, take a breath of fresh air and to think with a clear head on how to live further,” Putin pointed out.

A month ago, following the canceling of a conference between them in Paris, Trump canceled one more meeting recently that was arranged with Putin on the sidelines of the Group of twenty in Buenos Aires.

Trump’s aborting the session was explained by Moscow that it was “due to AMERICAN interior politics”.

Putin additionally revealed his apprehension over the influence provided through a shift of power within the US Government, regarding the possibility of having straightforward, one on one conversation between leaders.

“We can predict new attacks on the incumbent president with nearly 100 percent of certainty. I don’t know if he will be able to start a direct dialogue with Russia in these conditions,” Putin pointed out.

On November 6th, Democrats gained command of the House of Representatives during the mid-term political elections, moving the power symmetry from a Government which was entirely regulated through the Republican politician Party, to one regulated through both of these parties.

Specialists forecast that the Democrats are going to magnify  Trump’s connections with Russia, that could leave the COMMANDER IN CHIEF with a far more challenging position to adjust regulations toward the nation.

“Whatever happens, we have to build up bilateral relations and we are ready for it. We will start doing it as soon as the opposite part is ready,” Putin explained.

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