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Khalifa Haftar Arrived in Jordan for Vital Reconciliation Talks

Libya armed forces leader Khalifa Haftar is in Jordan for reconciliation talks with Libya’s Fayez Sarraj chief from the Governmental Committee, Middle East Headlines News has discovered.

Top federal government sources informed Middle East Headlines News that the General of the Army Khalifa Aftar & the Libyan military is inside Jordan without providing explanations with regard to the visit.

Experts strongly believe that this tour or visit is really targeted at accelerating reconciliation discussions with Sarraj.

A Jordanian internet site mentioned that “Sarraj is going to be going to Jordan Saturday with a huge contingency that consists of the leader from the intelligence support service, as well as the administrators,of higher education and learning, heath &  international affairs.”

Libyan Emissary to Jordan, Mohammad Barghathi published Wednesday on his Facebook profile a picture which featured Haftar along with the ambassador.

” I’m Meeting with Field Marshal Khalifa Bilqasim Haftar the commander in chief of the Libyan Army,” the ambassador stated within the message.

The business meeting will consist of  “discussions about the homeland & building of the state, commitment to holding elections and even respecting the peaceful transfer of power.”

Bargahthi termed this kind of foreseeable future activities “the basis to building the National state.”

It is still uncertain what the added value to Jordan is,  when it comes to the Libyans.

Adnan Abu Odeh a previous consultant to Sultan Hussein & King Abdullah II informed Middle East Headlines News that “he was really stunned with the reports.”

“I am not sure why Jordan was chosen for the reconciliation meetings. We are not neighbors and we don’t have loads of money, but maybe a third party suggested to hold the meeting in Jordan as a neutral setting,” this individual said .

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