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Visiting the first McDonald’s Restaurant in Russia

Middle East Headlines News reporter Chris Wick, went to the very first McDonald’s restaurant which opened inside Russia on January 31st, 1990.

At the time of walking into the facilities, our staff discovered immediately just how roomy and even well-maintained the location was.

Say, Farewell to your Big Mac in Europe

“I did not observe any type of trash on the floor surface or even food item scraps on vacant dining tables,” Chris pointed out.

He likewise took note the potential of placing an order in a number of international dialects, consisting of the English language, on the automated purchase terminals. He explained, “the selection of seafood meals is way bigger than we have in the United States.”

Furthermore, he emphasizes the “food devoted to Italian items”, even though he admitted that he counted on foods “of traditional Russian active ingredients”.

“I was actually wanting to find a few foods out of the stereotypical Russian selection, like a caviar hamburger or perhaps a McFlurries along with vodka,” he wrote lovingly.

His purchase order for a burger, a soft drink, and also french fries was priced at “3 times less than inside the United States.” Chris said.

The hamburger seemed to be “fresher and even tastier than around an American McDonald’s.”

The reporter additionally noted the totally free Wi-Fi, the lack of requirement to type in the code in the entry to the restroom and even a “tidy as well as comfy” location with dining tables outside the eating establishment.

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