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Victoria’s Secret Warned About Abuse

Yes, it is true, Victoria’s Secret Warned About Abuse by one hundred models, consisting of celebrities like Christy Turlington, Iskra Lawrence, and even Edie Campbell, who have signed an open letter through which these people demanded that the famous lingerie company “take steps to safeguard individuals from who it benefits from.”

” We wrote this given that misogyny inside Victoria’s Secret reveals that the anti-feminist, scare tactics as well as harassment culture is a lot more shocking and a lot more established than It was formerly believed, “claims the correspondence, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the brand name, John Mehas.

” Time for listening passed. It’s time for Victoria’s Secret to take steps and protect individuals it benefits from. Individual civil rights do not end with an exercise in corporate and business branding,” these people said within the letter.

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The project started through the non-profit association “The Model Alliance”, that promotes the rights of models. The publishers of the letter additionally asked the company to participate in the so-called RESPECT Program, which offers the model’s accessibility to an “autonomous & classified grievance system” to “stop these kinds of abuses.”

” The signatory firms will need to ensure their workers, representatives, suppliers, professional photographers and even various other subcontractors comply with a code of conduct which safeguards the safety and security of everybody at the workplace,” clarified The Model Alliance.

The New York Times post revealed that the models and also administrators of the prominent underwear label – consisting of Bella Hadid –  Casey Crowe Taylor – were actually harassed and even intimidated for many years, however, that “was taken or looked at as being normal.”

The models admitted that the advertising and marketing administrator of the organization L Brands and g those individuals in charge of the yearly procession, Ed Razek, not only watched models changing in the course of the parade, they also asked some of the workings models to sit on their knees and even went as fas as to grab some of them in the crotch area. Nevertheless, Razek himself countered all of the allegations and even stated that “they have likely been misinterpreted & taken out of context.”

By the end of January, a source knowledgeable about the issue said that Victoria’s Secret proprietor “Leslie Wexner intends to sell off the underwear brand name” because of a decrease in revenues.

Just recently, the company closed 53 shops and even called off its legendary parade.

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