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The Vatican Holds Summit To End Sex Abuse

ROME – Within the Vatican City, in order to hold a Summit To End Sex Abuse, Pope Francis himself needed some form of a concrete example in order to justify gathering leaders of the church from all over the world for a lesson regarding clergy sex abuse.

A Nun, named sister Bernardi Pemii, has recently finished a course regarding “children protection policies” at the Rome’s Jesuit university.

She advised Bishop’s inside Ghana regarding sex abuse cases, compelling them to invite any and all victims to their office so as to hear the victims stories before instigating any investigation procedure, many believe that if the nun did not step in to make these recommendations, “nothing would happen”.

She said: “there would have been complete silence”, and nothing would have happened, “no one would have listened to these victims”.

Pope Francis will be holding this meeting or Summit within the Vatican, focusing on preventing cover-ups by Superior church leaders everywhere, since quite a few are still protecting the churches reputations at all costs, sources have verified.

The denial that clergy or priests “continued to rape young children” are using tactics to discriminate these victims, as new cases continue to come to light.

Pope Francis
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Reaching back in history, the first Pope from Latin America faced similar mistakes, such as the archbishop from Buenos Aires, who went out of his way in order to defend the Roman Catholic Church‘s reputation of a street priest who was later convicted of abusive crimes.

Saint Peter's Basilica

That Pope has taken steps early in his papacy which undermined the progress that the Vatican made as a hard line against “rapist priests”.

However, the current pope has done a total turnaround by bringing the church leadership to this extraordinary Summit meeting which will start on Thursday.

This specific meeting is going to bring together over 190 Bishop’s, religious orders, as well as Vatican officials for a 4 to 5-day workshops, on lectures regarding prevention of sex abuse within their congregations, paying close attention to victims concerns and investigating those sexual abuses, whenever they occur.

The Maltese archbishop father Charles Scicluna said: “I have been impressed by the humility of the Holy Father”.

This archbishop was the Vatican’s investigator of sex crimes that helped set Pope Francis straight regarding the Chile issues.

Church’s leading reformer on sex abuse warns of more McCarricks
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The archbishop has also stated that “he is ready to say I got that wrong, we’re not going to do it again, we’re going to do it right”.

He also said that “I think this gives us great hope”.

“I want to say that something important is going to come out of the week, but based on research we’ve done, I believe this church is nowhere close to enacting the reforms it must make to stop this epidemic,” said Bishop Accountability’s Anne Barret Doyle.

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