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Use Cash For Marijuana

Marijuana shoppers that are worried about making use of Visa or MasterCard “should use cash when possible”, the federal government privacy commissioner mentioned in a firmly worded announcement on Tuesday.

” If you are concerned about using your credit card, and the option is available, consider using cash to purchase cannabis.”

That’s much easier said than done as B.C. offers just one legal marijuana shop, Quebec features just 12 shops to cater to a populace of over 8 million, furthermore, Ontario will not have any whatsoever until April of the following year, at that point they are going to open up only 25 locations.

On the other hand, United State of America immigration lawyer or attorneys that observe the dilemma, say that since Oct. 17th, “It looks not to be taking place in practice.”

The only recognized instance of a Canadian getting banned from the United States of America with cannabis-related issues since legalization entailed a B.C. male that had invested in a growing establishment located in Nevada.

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