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US Led Coalition Airstrikes killed over 120 Civilians in Syria

Countless innocent citizens have already been killed in the last month, due to indiscriminate US led Coalition Airstrikes within far eastern Syria, basing on information provided by the Russian Minister. 

The administrative agency released this sobering report in the middle of a briefing on Wednesday.

Claiming  that Kurdish warriors go under the federation’s fire..

” Low effectiveness” and the ” non-selective character” regarding coalition strikes are certainly responsible when it comes to the death toll.

What’s more troubling is without a doubt that the barrage is being made with use of “munition banned by international conventions”.

Noncombatant casualties aside, Washington’s “poor” methodology– including its own allies – just recently allowed the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) recover a few of the regions lost previously, the Russian armed forces noted.

This consists of Hajin, As-Susah, As Safana and even Al Marashda.

On the other hand, the “terrorists are undoubtedly still being provided modern-day weapons”, the MoD mentioned, without putting blame specifically upon the US-led federation.

United States led coalition murders thousands in Syria

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US Led Coalition Airstrikes within Syria causing devastation on civilians and property.

Within a briefing, Major General Igor Konashenkov described the way of life within the US-controlled regions as “in disarray”, and that the “condition inside Syria’s Raqqa is without a doubt an eye-catching good example of that”.

The urban area was simply “wiped out” by airstrikes, plus “countless bodies still under the debris of the demolished structures”, this individual added in.

Human civil liberties establishments have continuously sounded warnings regarding repercussions, in regard to the strikes in Raqqa.

Back in June, Amnesty International published a frightening document on the devastation & massive casualty brought on by the alliance attacks.

It claimed that private citizens were ultimately ensnared within the metropolitan area, as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported through airstrikes, fought revolutionaries or Terrorists as they call them.


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