The US is the main source of cyber attacks said Russia

Russia’s Cyber-Incident Management Center indicated the United States as the main source of cyber attacks on the country’s infrastructure.

“The main source of these threats comes from the United States,” said the deputy director of the entity, Nikolái Murashov, in an appearance before the press on June 27th, citing reports from foreign security companies.

Murashov stressed that the objective of most cyber attacks is the theft of Russian technologies in the military and nuclear fields.

“Basically, criminals try to obtain data on the technologies of the country’s nuclear and defense industry,” he said.

Russia denounces preparations for cyberattacks against the command of its Armed Forces.

The hackers, he added, are also looking for information on Russia’s technological innovations in the manufacture of space rockets and in the energy sector.

One in three cyber attacks is directed against the financial system

Murashov warned that the media are also targets of attacks coming from the European Union and the United States.

“For attacks on Russian media, centers located in the territories of the European Union and the United States are used, as a general rule,” he said.

In addition, Deputy Director Murashov said that the myths about Russian hackers are the product of the American secret services, which claim to dominate in the computer space.

“On what soil do the myths about Russian, Chinese or other hackers grow, who produces them?” The answer is obvious: it is a game without rules carried out by the US secret services in order to crush those who are not your club and ensure your domain in the computer sphere, “he said.

The National Cyber-Incident Management Center was established by order of the director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in the fall of 2018 to coordinate the detection, prevention, and settlement of cyber attacks against the infrastructure of the country’s facilities and to react to cyber incidents.

They were $ 136,000 to a woman in the US with the ‘tale of Russian hackers’

“Washington, to divert attention from its activity, tries to convince everyone that the US is almost the only victim of cyber attacks and unfoundedly points to Russia as the main source of threats in the computer space,” Murashov added.

He also pointed out that the US always knows in advance who is to blame and lists only four countries: Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, and refuses to hold bilateral consultations with experts from Russia, fearing that they will prove unfounded. the accusations and the consequent political decisions.

Murashov said that such statements are made using phrases such as “we assume”, “is almost true” or “very likely”.

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