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The United States Space Force wants 15.4 billion dollars

The United States Space Force wants 15.4 billion dollars for 2021 during the initial application after its conception in December 2019.

The amount embodies 2% of the whole military budget plan of 750 billion US dollars proposed by Donald Trump, comparable to the GDP of nations like Nicaragua, Jamaica, and even Georgia, COMBINED…

The sought amount is as follows:

  • 2.4 billion dollars for acquisitions.
  • $ 2.5 billion for operations as well as routine maintenance.
  • 10.3 billion dollars for R & D.

The funding needed for new rocket alert satellite systems raised from $ 1.5 billion during 2020 to $ 2.3 billion in 2021. The most extensive rise or increase for both the Space Force budget and the Air Force budget.

“This budget plan is an extremely essential initial step to protect against any space dangers, elevating the operations of our Military in space from being just support in a battle, to being ready to operate and fully functional in war,” basing on the statement by the Dept of the Air Force.

The amount consists of” considerable advancement to classified programs,” R & D ventures will also increase.

The USA Military, on the other hand, revealed that it intends to move 100 soldiers to the Space Force, basing on the budget documentations. It is the first time that service outside the Aviation designated participants to be transferred to the Space Force.

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During late January, Donald Trump presented the United States Space Force logo design, he quickly ended up being the topic of jokes in social media networks due to the similarity of the Star Trek collection logo design.

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