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United States Sanctions put on Venezuela and Cuba

Russia claimed that it’s illegal, the new United States sanctions put on Venezuela, Cuba and also highlights their back up with regard to these Caribbean countries and allies.

” [The United States objective is simply] to make a change within the bureaucratic control of these particular regions that they need to have, “Russian Deputy Foreign Secretary Sergey Riabkov claimed at a press conference released Thursday through the regional news media the RIA Novosti.

Safety And Security Adviser to the White House, John Bolton, revealed Wednesday a sequence of fresh sanctions in opposition to Cuba and even Venezuela, and verified the steps facing Caracas are actually a warning to “all of the outside players, such as Russia” against the implementation of armed forces to support and help maintain the state and federal government of the constitutional leader of the Bolivarian region, Nicolas Maduro.

The Russian minister of foreign affairs has already called the United States sanctions regulation “absolutely unacceptable”, with which Trump wants to “bend the will” of nations, and even emphasized that Moscow is “alert” to the protocols of Washington, and also are going to do every little thing possible, in order to assist its own allies within the Latin American territory.

The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, condemned during December any type of “attempt” & “terrorist measure” to alter the circumstance inside Venezuela and also has validated the determination of Moscow to assist the Southern American nations.

With the coming to power of United States Commander in chief Donald Trump, there has been a considerable boost of tensions, especially in the form of sanctions in opposition to Venezuela with the goal of toppling legit Leader Nicolas Maduro and placing Juan Guaido in his place, who during January 23rd declared himself acting leader of the Southern American nation.

Additionally, the Donald Trump Governing body has already prolonged the sanctions opposing Cuba in spite of the moderation performed during 2015 by the administration of previous United States Leader Barack Obama.

The tropical island is dealing with a blockade ever since 1960 which have hindered its own advancement.

Russia consistently supported Cuba when faced with the United States blockade and even has alleged Washington of attempting to “return to the conflict and also the growth with hostilities related to the Cold War period.”

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