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United States Inflicts Unrelenting Pressure on Iran

Given that the United States vowed to deliver “unrelenting pressure” on Iran using sanctions, experts have recently questioned Tehran’s capability to endure more blows to it’s current incapacitated economic situation.

Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour, Iran’s deputy minister of foreign affairs & emissary to the UK, recently insisted the the nation was very well capable to “handle” sanctions, having already survived 8 years of constraints in the course of the Iran-Iraq conflict.

However, specialists with local governmental policies & financials aspects claimed “Sajjadpour was simply posturing”.

” Iran’s unsupported claims regarding holding up against sanctions does not necessarily equal its own economical reality,” stated Dr. Lina Khatib, head of the Middle East Headlines News & North Africa program in the Royal Institute of International relations (likewise referred to as Chatham House), where the diplomat addressed a gathering Tuesday.

” Iran is currently under monetary strain because of both its adventurism in Syria and the United States withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, that reduced the Western private sector’s interest in Iran,” she pointed out.

” The reintroduced sanctions are going to further wear away Iran’s economical stature in spite of its claims of resilience.”

Iran has already dipped to a financial crisis ever since US President Donald Trump took the US out of  the JCPOA– better known as the “Iran Nuclear deal”– earlier this year.

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