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United States Army Flee Kobani As Syrian Troops Moved In

The United States Army Flee Kobani as the Syrian troops moved in to defend against the Turkish aggression.

It was a glaring spectacle as the two armies exchanged glances as they drove past each other on the M4 highway to Kobani.

At last, the US army had fallen victims to their own handiwork. There were reports that the US army had come under heavy shelling from the Turkish army. This is considering that the United States is among the countries that arm Turkey.

The retreat also followed desperate remarks by president Trump who claimed that he did not want his army to be “caught up” in the fighting.

Apparently, among the women and children “caught up” in the fighting was also the fearless US army. The army joined the long caravans of helpless civilians leaving the area.

ISIS fighters also joined the fleeing mob. Both the Kurdish fighters and the US army had confirmed that thousands of ISIS fighters had fled their holding cells. Therefore, it is obvious that ISIS fighters were among those fleeing the area.

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Syrian troops moved in

The M4 highway from Kobani was therefore very busy as civilians, ISIS fighters, and the US army fled the area.

Back in Manbij, the US army did not have time to dismantle their base.

They probably were in such a hurry to leave, or maybe they “accidentally” left in the same way they used to “accidentally” drop supplies in ISIS strongholds.

Trump had earlier given up hope of facing the Turkish Army. In his statement, he had asked for others to come and help in facing the monster he had created.

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The two armies exchanged glances as they drove past each other

Others may want to come in and fight,” Trump declared

Back at home, the commander in chief was receiving a similar thrashing from the members of his own party. The House voted a unanimous condemnation of his withdrawal from Syria. Escaping the battlefront was no surprise considering that the army is only as strong as its leader, or perhaps, the US won’t be frying Turkey this season as United States Army Flee Kobani.

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