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United States Aircraft Carrier Entered The Arctic

A United States aircraft carrier attack group has recently entered the Arctic in order to participate in an extensive NATO naval exercise near to Russian boundary for the very first time since the conclusion of the Cold War.

Nuclear-powered carrier USS ‘Harry S. Truman’ will most likely maneuver throughout the Norwegian Sea so as to showcase ” the flexibility and toughness” of AMERICAN forces, the Naval force specified Friday.

A ship of this kind have not carried out expeditions within Arctic waters since 1991, and have not turned up in close proximity to Norwegian coasts ever since 1987. 

The carrier group are going to do a broad range of training sessions/exercise activities, featuring takeoffs and touchdowns in extreme weather situations, the carrier’s commander, Captain Nick Dienna, revealed.

” It has been over three decades since carrier aviation has been tested by this environment.”

Dienna claimed that the ship’s visibility within the area shows ” a full spectrum of capabilities to bear anywhere in the world.”

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