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UK Opening Military Bases in the Caribbean

The United Kingdom intends to establish a couple of brand new military bases in the Caribbean and also Southeast Asia, broadening its own intercontinental visibility following the departure from the European Union (EU), said Defense Minister Gavin Williamson in a conversation with Middle East Headlines News.

Williamson, an advocate for a tougher “brexit”, suggests the British people become more “optimistic” relating to the foreseeable future which awaits the nation when it departs the EU on March 29th, 2019.

“This is our great moment as a nation since the end of the Second World War, when we resituated ourselves in another way, and we can play the role in the world that people expect us to play,” this individual says.

The government minister maintains that throughout “decades” the viewpoint has been shifted due to the dispute regarding the EU, and “this is the moment to be a true global agent once again”, where the Army will play “an important role”.

The UK currently has shared or joint bases inside Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Malvinas Islands and even Diego Garcia in the Indian Water, and also, based on the magazine, the new ones might be positioned within Singapore or perhaps Brunei on the Southern China Ocean, or even in Montserrat or maybe Guiana within the Caribbean, this person said.

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