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Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria

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Masses of Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria using a convoy of motor trucks packed with soldiers collecting in the region, Anadolu press declared.

” A convoy with 150 vehicles packed with special forces, hardware, and even ammo made it to the Reyhanli, the Turkish territory of Hatay on the borderline with Syria, from this spot it is going to depart for Syria,” the press reported.

This February 7th, Colonel Olcay Denizer, spokesperson for the Turkish Administrative Agency, in an event at Ankara, verified, that the “Turkish Military is moving weapons as well an undisclosed number of troops to the demilitarized zone” in Syrian territory of Idlib, just to the northwest of the country.

Syria has accused Turkey and Israel of assisting Terrorists

Image result for trucks of turkish special forces
Turkish military building up forces just outside Syria

“The Turkish military will continue to take the needed steps to end the fighting and ensure peace in the area,” explained Denizer.

At sunrise on February 3rd, approximately 5 Turkish soldiers perished in conflict with Syrian soldiers within Idlib, a region where known terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham functions (previously referred to as the Nusra Front, currently prohibited in Russia).

Turkey alleged to have counteracted hundreds of Syrian troopers in a response operation.

On February 4th, Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that he requested his Russian equivalent Vladimir Putin to push the Syrian authorities to remove its soldiers from Turkish observation positions inside Idlib, this is the reason the Turkish Special Forces Land in Syria, according to local news.

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