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Iraq Denied Turkish soldiers Entry To Arab Country

Iraq refused to permit Turkish soldiers back into the Arab region following a leave of absence from their bases, a government-affiliated think tank within Baghdad has disclosed.

As pointed out by Al-Nahrain Facility for Tactical Researches, the step is actually in line with the Iraqi federal government’s attempts to bring an end to Turkey armed forces presence inside the region.

The step had been embraced and executed the past several months, “holding back visas from the Turkish troopers that wanted to go back to Iraq”, Iraqi News internet site revealed Sunday.

Watheq al-Hashemi, administrator for the facility, pointed out the move had helped in reducing the amount of Turkish soldiers considerably.

” The government’s posture of not permitting Turkish soldiers to go back, will end the Turkish military presence within Bashiqa with no diplomatic or even military friction,” this individual claimed.

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