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Turkish delegation to talk about Syria in Russia

Leading Turkish delegation consisting of the international and defense delegate is to visit Russia this weekend break to discuss latest developments inside Syria, basing on the nation’s ruling party spokesperson.

The delegacy, featuring Minister of foreign affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu, presidential assistant Ibrahim Kalin, Nationwide Defense Delegate Hulusi Akar and also intelligence leader Hakan Fidan, “all will be in Moscow Saturday”, Party representative Omer Celik stated at a news conference in the capital of Ankara.

The meeting arrives in the wake of previous week’s eye-opener announcement coming from U.S Commander in chief Donald Trump that Washington will likely take out all of its soldiers from Syria.

Celik explained that a plan of action will be created during or soon after Saturday’s discussions among Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and also his Russian equivalent Vladimir Putin.

Adhering to the United State of America news, “extreme diplomatic initiatives are going to carry on with Iran and with Russia” in the days ahead, this person explained.

Turkey is going to provide its own brand-new point of view regarding counter-terrorism initiatives which it may administer within the territory in the course of the “withdrawal and or post-withdrawal process”, Celik included.

” This work will continue in a highly planned and systematic manner within the framework of coordination.” he finally added.

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